Idea behind The Breeders Trilogy

Hi and welcome to my site. I am a Molecular Biologist and have a Masters degree in Biotechnology. Having studied the ethical issues and controversies surrounding genetic breeding and designer babies, I started to wonder what would happen if your genetic prowess was the new currency and determined your place in this world.

Would our interference of natural selection by genetic breeding create super humans? The book Breeders has inspired me to investigate further the human reaction to a situation which could threaten our entire existence.  Although the book centre’s around science fiction, the scientific terms and genetic references are factual and make reference to studies performed worldwide, where researchers are trying to select for genetically favorable characteristics and disease free humans. In this blog, I hope to engage your thoughts on what you would do if out in such a situation. In a dystopian world, is this possible? What would your reaction be and what would you fight for?


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