The Breeders Trilogy

How far would you go? If human society was genuinely at risk, how cruel and heartless would our conscience allow us to be, in order to preserve humanity? If you thought the only means of preserving humanity was to capture, imprison and breed humans against their will – would you sanction it? How far would you go… to fight for your freedom? This series is a horror story, a science fiction story and dark, thought experiment into the extreme application of genetic selection. It raises interesting ethical questions and poses the question – How far would you go?




Ariet has been taken from her family, who are told she has died of an illness; when, in fact, she has been drugged and removed against her will to a secret underground location. Selected for a genetic breeding program by the Creators, the Monarchy of the New World, Ariet and her captor Mason, have to provide an offspring with a predetermined inherited genetic profile, or face termination.

They find mutual empathy for one another when their unborn child does not carry the desirable gene. Unable to accept the scheduled termination of her pregnancy by the Creators and to save the life of her offspring, Mason helps her escape to an area outside of the Four Quadrants. Mason’s childhood friend Thor, a Guardian in the Great Tower, flees with Ariet to protect her from the unknown, whilst leaving Mason behind to bring down the rulers of the New World. With the aid of refugees from the Old World, Ariet, together with her child and Thor risk everything to join Mason in his fight to destroy the Monarchy.

After taking shelter with the Refugees, and with Thor and Walt by her side, Ariet brings Sam into the world. Having left Mason behind to bring down the leaders of the New World, Ariet and her Guardian, Thor struggle to hide Sam’s abilities from the Refugees. Although the Refugees have become accepting of them, will they try and use Sam’s abilities to their advantage? A war is being staged and if his genetic abilities could be replicated, the Refugees could create a super army. With the aid of Walt and a handful of people she trusts, Ariet and Thor risk everything to protect Sam. Will it be enough?

A war has started; a collision of the two worlds inevitable. An unexpected arrival in the Old World, forms a divide between those willing to fight for their freedom and those whose only hope is to continue their existence. Infiltrating the new world in preparation for the war ahead, leads to an unexpected discovery for Mason and Ariet. With loved ones on both sides, Ariet must make a decision that will change her life and those around her forever. With so many lives lost, can The Creators and Refugee’s break down the divide and find a way to stop the bloodshed? Is Sam the key to a merge of the two worlds?